On a daily basis, most business owners are at work, engaged in a myriad of business activities, personal pursuits and relationships that all have legal consequences.

You come across misfortune and disputes, your children, family members and employees have fights, accidents, collisions, break the law, sell, buy, divorce, retire, enter into employment, resign and unfortunately sometimes they pass away.

Here are just a few reasons why you need an attorney to assist you in doing business, but also in doing life:

  • When doing business, it is important to have someone scrutinize the fine print of a contract to make sure you know what you are binding yourself to. More often than not even the “large print” is ignored or there is not even a written document to record the agreement. This is one of the main reasons why there are legal disputes, people do not read; get an attorney, let the attorney read on your behalf.
  • You need someone to collect debt on your behalf, whether it is commercial debt or just a personal loan you gave to your “friend” or family member, but now they duck and dive you, ignore your messages and phone calls, get an attorney involved to collect debt on your behalf!
  • You need someone, a business partner, someone that you can trust to run an important personal or business decision by, to get an objective opinion and that can advise you after they did  the legal research for you so that you will be able to make an informed decision.
  • Attorneys can assist you with making sure your business is compliant with the latest legislation, regulations and procedures that need to be followed. The POPI act, FICA, National credit act, Consumer protection act, these are just a few examples of acts that businesses have to comply with these days.
  • When caught up in a legal battle, representing yourself is never a good idea, you may be biased, emotionally involved and not adept at arguing, whilst facing an experienced opponent who is out to do the best for his client. Get representation, it might just get you out of a terrible situation or secure your victory in a legal battle.
  • Very often you need to apply a holistic approach to planning your business or personal affairs. People like bankers, financial brokers, accountants or tax specialists are very often used together in certain matters. Knowing a good attorney puts you in connection with these people, you get to make use of his network of people, who will not only be able to give you good rates, but you know you can trust them because you trust your attorney.
  • In conveyancing and during the sale or acquisition of immovable assets, you need an attorney to provide you with the correct advice and to assist you with the transfer of the property. If you make use of the same attorney for all your matters, attorneys are more likely to give you a discount on fees as they see you as a loyal client.
  • Sometimes you as a business owner need someone to assist you with personal matters, a family member or a friend was recently arrested and you need someone to assist with an after-hours bail application, or an employee is a victim of domestic violence or one of your drivers was involved in a motor vehicle accident; for all these matters you need an attorney to advise and to represent you or your loved ones.
  • Attorneys can assist you as a business owner or in your personal capacity with estate planning, managing your risks and ensure that your business and family is taken care of should something happen to you. Attorneys assist with the drafting of Ante-Nuptial contracts, wills, trust deeds, shareholders agreements and other documents that could have a huge impact on ensuring that your assets are protected.
  • In summary, by partnering with your attorney and forging a relationship can be of great benefit to you in your business capacity or personal life.  Do not attempt to do it alone, partner up with an attorney to walk the journey with you.

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